Executives or simple employees, unhappiness at work spares no one, and who says unhappiness necessarily means lack of productivity and personal development. Both the employer and the employee must therefore work together to create a climate conducive to personal development.

Create a friendly and zen space

Development at work depends on the framework in which the employee evolves. A friendly and well-appointed place makes you want to work more than an austere and cold place. Contrary to popular belief, an office needs to be decorated. Decorative objects, pleasant colors and careful lighting make the workplace less stressful. The layout of the offices also contributes to development. Modular desks offer the possibility of working comfortably in both standing and seated positions. Few companies think so, and yet a study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology in 2015 revealed that employees’ ability to concentrate and memorize increases by around 6% when they work in a decorated space. of plants and lit in a natural way.Installing green plants in offices thus contributes to the personal development of franchisees.

Do group activities

Personal development at work also depends on the general atmosphere that reigns there. More and more companies are organizing group activities to allow different employees to release the pressure and get to know each other better in order to forge links outside the workplace. However, we must find unifying activities that can appeal to all members of the team. Companies often organize group activities for their employees: yoga, cooking classes, choir, etc. There are many ideas to allow employees to relax and improve group cohesion.

Adopt a positive attitude at all times

Whatever the employer’s efforts to create a zen and friendly atmosphere within the company, personal development at work cannot be done without a particular effort on the part of the employee himself. For this, everyone must learn to have a positive attitude at all times. So, instead of focusing on the trying day ahead, it’s best to think of three pleasant things that motivate you to go to the office. You also have to learn to compartmentalize things and take the time to get away from time to time so as not to stay fixed on a stressful point. The employee can, for example, get up to stretch their legs for a few minutes and drink water. It’s an easy way to relax in the office and avoid being too static.

Take the time to rest

Of course, the office is a place of work, not a place to relax and rest. Yet studies have shown that taking micro-naps in the office improves productivity. A 15-minute flash nap considerably reduces stress at work and allows employees to boost their performance. According to a study conducted by NASA, a 20-minute nap increases an individual’s productivity at work by 35%. Many companies have already understood this and have set up a relaxation area for their employees within their premises

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