Bad cholesterol is particularly harmful for the body. It increases the risk of cardiovascular mortality. By settling on the walls of the arteries, it forms plaques and eventually clogs them. In addition to risk factors such as smoking, sedentary lifestyle or diabetes, diet is the main cause of high bad cholesterol levels. How to regain balance thanks to good habits to adopt on a daily basis?

Choose the right foods

To get rid of bad cholesterol, you need to change your eating habits. Here are some foods to favor for a healthier diet: 

–          Low-fat dairy products;

–          Vegetable oils: sunflower, olive, walnut or rapeseed oil;

–          Oily fish, rich in omega 3;

–          White meat;

–          Vegetable margarine instead of butter;

–          Fruits and vegetables;

–          The grape;

–          Lemon;

–          soybeans;

–          Legumes;

–          Garlic;

–          Nuts and oleaginous fruits;

–          Plant fibers contained in cereals, fruits and vegetables;

–          Cinnamon;

–          Turmeric.

Other tips, such as drinking red wine at a maximum of one glass per day, can help lower bad cholesterol levels. The wine would help to thin the blood and prevent the formation of clots in the arteries. Apple cider vinegar is also a natural cholesterol-lowering remedy.

Reduce risky foods

Certain foods such as butter, egg yolks, animal products, cold meats, lamb, dairy products, cheeses, sweet dishes, pastries, fried foods, organ meats and ready meals favor the production of bad cholesterol. It is therefore advisable to reduce them in the diet. Likewise, oils such as palm, copra or coconut oil contain a high level of saturated fatty acids.

Engage in regular physical activities

Sedentary people accumulate bad cholesterol more easily. It is therefore recommended to practice daily activities such as walking, cycling or jogging. About 30 minutes of activity per day can be enough to stay in good  shape. Other activities such as gardening, swimming or the gym are excellent for moving around and losing excess weight. If there is not enough time to indulge in these exercises, it is possible to develop certain habits such as walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator or getting off the bus at an earlier stop to continue on foot.

Consume less tobacco and alcohol

Adopting a healthier lifestyle is essential in the fight against bad cholesterol. It is therefore advisable to reduce or even completely stop tobacco consumption, which is responsible for the thickening of the arteries and the increase in triglycerides. Drinking less alcohol is also beneficial for your health to prevent the blood sugar level from becoming higher

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